About the Award

As an organization dedicated to battling insurance fraud through public awareness programs and public outreach, NYAAIF recognizes the important role of talented prosecutors in bringing those who commit insurance fraud to justice. It is only through their hard work, dedication, notable legal proficiency and courtroom skills that SIU investigations are brought full circle with a conviction.

NYAAIF’s Fraud Fighter Award honors a public official in New York, with considerable success in fighting insurance fraud either directly or by providing significant leadership to those responsible for the fight.

NYAAIF’s Fraud Fighter of the Year honoree will be recognized at the organization’s Annual Meeting and automatically be nominated for the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud’s Prosecutor of the Year Award at the national level.


Who is eligible?

Any prosecutor, practicing at either the state, county or local level with success in prosecuting cases involving any form of insurance fraud in New York is eligible for nomination.


Who should submit a nomination?

NYAAIF invites members of law enforcement, insurance industry professionals, the general public and those in the legal profession to submit nominations.


How to submit a nomination?

All nominations should include a summary of the nominees’ success and why they are deserving of the award. Nominations can also include letters of recommendation, news articles or any other document that demonstrates the nominee’s merit. All nominations must be submitted to the NYAAIF office.

Submit all nominations to:
New York Alliance Against Insurance Fraud
1450 Western Avenue, Suite 101
Albany, New York 12203
Email: info@fraudny.com