#1 Monetary Necessity

"How can I afford insurance?  I am just a single mother.  Between rent, food and raising three kids, how can I be expected to play by the rules?" 

It won't take much more to push this felon over the edge.  She's struggling to live hand-to-mouth.  She's desperate, and would consider any opportunity even if it were on the wrong side of the law.


#2 Anger

The anger-directed insurance fraud felon is the kind of person who thinks the world is out to get them.

Loud and overbearing, they commonly speak their minds about how others stunt their success.  Their employer, the government and big corporations are the ones they see as the enemy.

"Not anymore," they say.  "I'm gonna show them what happens when they mess with me."


#3 Victim Mentality

"So, I'm taking two extra weeks workers' comp? So what? They won't miss it.  Besides, I'm just a little old lady.  It's hard enough on a fixed income; I deserve this time."

Nothing's ever her fault.  It's "the system".  Somehow, it's out to get her.  She has a lifetime of slights built up in her mind and feels she is completely justified in taking advantage of the system any way she can.

Insurance Fraud Hurts. Everyone!

Insurance Fraud Hurts. Everyone!

#4 Greed

"Insurance companies are swimming in money.  Who would miss a measly hundred grand?  Yet, for me, it would change my life.  I mean it's not like robbing a bank or anything.  I'm just talking about setting things up so they roll in my favor for once."

This felon is well-respected and has a good life.  He is even a leader.  But, all he can think of is short-cuts to more money.  He doesn't see himself as a criminal, but he's driven to find an edge.  And, he's willing to risk everything in the process.