3 Ways you pay.

  1. Auto-related fraud.

    • This is one of the costliest and most dangerous forms of insurance fraud. Dangerous because New Yorkers have been injured and killed by these scams. Scams includes:

    • Staged auto accidents •Inflated injury and damage claims

    • False registration •Faulty air-bag or windshield replacement

    • Towing scams

  2. Painkiller Fraud.

    • This deadly crime is hard to spot but can have devastating consequences.

    • Most healthcare workers and services are legitimate. However, some unscrupulous doctors repeatedly prescribe pain killers solely for profit and with little regard for their patient’s well-being. Bogus addiction clinics can deliver little or no effective treatment but make big bucks in the process.

    • One of the ways these fraudsters make money is by filing false insurance claims.

  3. Workers Compensation Fraud.

    • At least 50,000 construction workers in New York City, one of four, are paid off the books or misclassified as independent contractors.

    • More than 39,500 employers misclassify 704,785 workers, or 10.3 percent of the workforce throughout New York State each year.

    • Dishonest employees will knowingly make bogus claims for workplace injuries against their employer's workers comp policies.

    • In construction, 45,474 workers, or 14.8 percent of New York's workforce, are misclassified as independent contractors each year.

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