Insurance fraud costs ALL New Yorkers millions each year! Sadly, there are many other human costs. Businesses, their owners and employees suffer as a result of fraudulent workers compensation claims. This inflates the cost all businesses and consumers pay for their insurance needs. That, however, is just the beginning. According to a recent Business Council of NY survey of New York employers, more than a third of respondents said workers’ compensation costs are encouraging them to consider relocating their businesses outside of the state. When businesses move and new businesses cannot afford to take their place, people lose jobs, the tax base erodes, neighborhoods and schools become run down. This make insurance fraud everybody’s problem.


Committing insurance fraud can result in both fines and/or imprisonment. Sentences for fraud range from one to 25 years. There is also the embarrassment and shame brought to your personal reputation, family, friends, company, and community. These costs are at times far higher than the fine.